Terms of Use

1.) Purpose/services

The Four Panels internet platform (www.fourpanels.net) is operated by Four Panels GmbH, Hirschstettner Strasse 19/I, 1220 Vienna, Austria.

The internet platform enables users to communicate with other users in a variety of ways (e.g. through messages, by uploading images and videos and through live transmission), to support them in their decision-making and to buy and sell merchandise via this platform, unless the trading of certain merchandise is legally banned or contravenes the principles of these Terms of Use or the general principles of Four Panels. This platform is exclusively intended for the trading of merchandise with relevance to a user’s company.

The primary purpose of this platform is to facilitate the sharing of information and to promote scientific collaboration. It also uses artificial intelligence to select suitable users who might answer questions that are asked on the platform.

Membership of the platform is restricted to medical practitioners and persons with medical qualifications.

Four Panels expressly does not provide emergency services, and neither does its system provide access to emergency services (e.g. police, fire services or hospitals). Moreover, it cannot provide a connection with a public emergency call centre.

2.) Registration

Use of the Four Panels platform is subject to registration, which is currently free for you as the user. Should a licence fee be introduced in the future, you will be notified within a reasonable period of time.

By completing and sending off the registration form (and thus concluding the registration procedure), you are issuing a proposal to conclude a usage agreement of the internet platform Four Panels, based on these Terms of Use. You are not automatically entitled to registration by Four Panels. Four Panels therefore reserves the right to refuse the registration of users without giving reasons and also to delete or block current users.

On receiving your registration, Four Panels will check that you meet the terms of admission to this platform. There are three options for obtaining admission:

  1. When registering, you attach a certificate showing that you have obtained a medical qualification and are a practising medical professional.

  2. You disclose verifiable details concerning the existence of your membership of a public body, medical association or other professional association (e.g. a doctor’s membership ID combined with further personal data such as your name and date of birth).

In addition, it is also possible for us to provide you with a test account. Four Panels can give you a code that is only valid for a limited period of time and loses its validity after the expiry of this period.

You undertake to provide all the required registration details truthfully and completely. The usage options granted under these rights of use are only provided if you work as a registered medical practitioner or researcher or if you are a retired medical practitioner or researcher.

By activating your membership, Four Panels accepts your proposal and gives you the status of a user. Please note, however, that your acceptance as a user does not involve a legal entitlement to the use of Four Panels. Four Panels will endeavour to activate your status as a user as soon as possible.

You are permitted to register no more than once and to create only one user profile. You undertake to keep your password confidential and not to disclose it to third parties. You also undertake to change your password at regular intervals (i.e. every six months) in order to protect your profile against abuse.

By registering, you expressly give us your permission to send notifications and other information to the email address you have provided.

Use of the platform is currently free. Four Panels reserves the right to introduce platform usage fees in the future. Users will be notified of the introduction of mandatory usage fees within a reasonable period of time prior to implementation.

3.) Checks

Four Panels conducts spot checks to ensure that registered users still have valid licences. In anticipation of such checks, you hereby grant Four Panels the right to obtain the relevant information from the competent bodies (especially medical and other professional associations) for this purpose.

4.) User’s duties

As a user, you undertake the following obligations:

  1. Only use correct information in setting up your user profile. Should details change, you must amend the relevant information in your user account immediately. Communications shall be considered to have been received at whatever email address you entered as the current one in your user account.

  2. You must notify us immediately of any change to your licence status (e.g. loss).

  3. When uploading or transferring files (images, videos, etc.), you must anonymise personal data as much as possible, making it impossible to trace individual patients. Any company logos etc. must also be rendered unrecognisable. Should claims be brought by third parties on account of incomplete anonymisation or the inclusion of company logos, you hereby undertake to hold Four Panels harmless in such instances.

  4. Should you upload or transfer patient details (images, videos, etc.), you hereby undertake to obtain declarations of consent from the relevant patients. Should third parties claim compensation from Four Panels for inadequate or lack of consent, you hereby undertake to make such consent available to Four Panels immediately and in writing, and to hold Four Panels harmless in this respect.

  5. Furthermore, you generally undertake only to upload or transfer content (especially photos and videos) for which you have either ensured that they are not subject to thirdparty rights (such as copyrights or similar), or you have ensured that the holder of such rights has expressly provided written consent for the use of the material. Should third parties make claims in this respect, you undertake to hold Four Panels harmless

  6. You must not use the Four Panels platform to offer or promote medical devices or other articles where any offer, sale or purchase would violate statutory regulations, Four Panels policies, third-party rights or common decency, or articles which are unrelated to a user’s business. Four Panels reserves the right to make the sale of certain goods dependent on specific conditions that go beyond statutory regulations. When offering merchandise for sale, you undertake to ensure that it is correctly and fully specified, both verbally and through images. You undertake to provide correct details of all the essential properties and features with relevance to buying decisions, including any faults that diminish the value of the merchandise you offer. Furthermore, when offering merchandise, you must provide information about the relevant terms of pay

  7. You must not sell your merchandise commercially through the Four Panels platform. This also means that you must not charge a commission for any trade in such merchandise. It is your own responsibility to ensure the legally and fiscally compliant performance of each purchase agreement.

In particular, you must also undertake the following:

  1. To refrain from posting any insulting or libellous content, regardless of whether such content concerns other users, Four Panels employees or any other individuals or companies

  2. To refrain from posting pornographic content, content in violation of youth protection legislation or any other obscene content or content of a sexual nature, regardless of whether the offensive nature of the content is explicit or implicit

  3. Generally to refrain from posting unlawful content or offering or promoting services designed for unlawful purposes

  4. To refrain from anti-competitive activities, especially progressive customer canvassing

  5. To refrain from commercial or similar structural marketing activities

  6. To refrain from posting content that contravenes the purpose of this platform, i.e. the sharing of knowledge and the promotion of research

With the exception of the sale of merchandise, you may either email others via the Four Panels platform or send them notifications via this platform (especially push notifications). Should you instruct Four Panels to send such notifications to third parties who are not yet users of this platform, you hereby confirm and warrant that the third-party recipients of such notifications have expressly agreed to receiving such messages via Four Panels. Should a third party dispute that they gave their consent, you must submit the relevant declaration of consent to Four Panels immediately and in writing.

5.) Responsibilities

Four Panels merely provides a platform for the purpose of communication, for the sharing of knowledge and for the non-binding provision of results generated from expert surveys. Four Panels expressly accepts no liability for the accuracy of those results. Furthermore, if users have answered such questions, they cannot be held liable for their answers to those questions in any form whatsoever. Four Panels bears no liability for the views of its users, and it should be noted, in particular, that Four Panels does not necessarily agree with the views of users.

The details provided by users through registration can only be verified by Four Panels to a limited extent, and Four Panels does not therefore accept any liability for a user’s actual identity. The validity of licences is subject to no more than spot checks, and Four Panels bears no liability arising from such checks.

You have no entitlement to the publication of any posts, images, etc. which you provide. Four Panels may refuse to publish content without giving reasons and without notifying you, and may also delete any published content without giving reasons, particularly if you have violated your duties as a user, as specified in clause 4. Four Panels accepts no liability for content, data and/or other information which you have provided as a user, and neither does it accept liability for the content of linked websites not operated by Four Panels.

6.) Warranty and liability

Four Panels bears no liability for the availability of a service or for its own activities or those of its vicarious agents, unless culpability involves gross negligence or wilful intent. In particular, Four Panels cannot be held liable for any loss of data or for the uninterrupted and error-free use of its data. Neither does Four Panels provide a warranty for any specific quality, particularly in the use of video transmissions. As user content is not checked or monitored, neither does Four Panels bear any responsibility for claims arising from the publication of such content.

Four Panels accepts no liability whatsoever for the storage, transmission, accurate presentation, etc. of user content (especially in the case of videos and images). Neither does Four Panels bear any liability for content, particularly not for ensuring that it is up-to-date, accurate and of good quality, and Four Panels cannot be held liable for any loss of business opportunities or profit or for replacement costs or similar. Moreover, Four Panels accepts no liability for data loss or damage on the device.

As this platform serves the purpose of sharing knowledge, Four Panels cannot be held liable, in particular, for ensuring that users contacted on the basis of our special algorithms respond or actually provide answers to questions and/or for ensuring that those answers are correct. We hereby expressly emphasise that this platform does not replace your own diagnosis, therapy decision or research, but that it can only serve the sharing of knowledge and therefore provide support in establishing a diagnosis or therapy proposal.

You undertake to hold Four Panels harmless against any third-party claims arising from content you have posted.

Furthermore, Four Panels is expressly under no obligation to conduct preliminary checks concerning your duties as a user, particularly your duty to obtain declarations of consent.

7.) Rights granted

You hereby give Four Panels the free and irrevocable right to use content/posts which is/are subject to statutory copyrights or other legal property rights. This right of use is unlimited in time, content and geography.

8.) Termination

You may terminate your membership at any time and without giving reasons. To terminate your membership, you must send a written statement to this effect to Four Panels GmbH, Hirschstettner Strasse 19/ I, 1220 Vienna, Austria. Your letter of termination must include your username and your user’s email address as specified in your Four Panels account. This shall not affect any right to termination for cause.

If there is a compelling reason, Four Panels may terminate your membership at any time for cause, without notice. This is certainly the case if continuation of the contractual relationship is unreasonable for Four Panels, if you have violated your duties as a user (see clause 4), if you have contravened the purpose of this platform in some other way or if it has been established that you do not or no longer meet the conditions of registration.

In addition, Four Panels may, at any time, effect ordinary termination of your membership at 14 days’ notice, without giving reasons.

9.) Copyright

The structure of the platform, its design and the content in the platform are protected by copyright. The user is therefore prohibited from creating, storing or making available to third parties images, screenshots, downloads or similar from the platform.

10.) Governing law and place of jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are subject to Austrian law, but not to the UN Sales Convention, Incoterms or the provisions on conflicts of law. Any disputes shall be decided by the court of law with competence for Vienna.

11.) Device authorisation

The platform requires access to the internet, so that data can be called up immediately and provided to you as the user. Data are processed and formatted under the Four Panels infrastructure. The data are stored within Europe.

The website and the app exclusively use the functions (APIs) provided by the operating system of the device, in the form specified by the operating system.

12.) Language

If another language is used in addition to German as the language of these Terms of Use, then the German version shall take priority