Four Panels can save lives

We, as physicians, are regularly faced with hard medical questions, and expert opinion from different disciplines is needed. Four Panels is a new platform that connects doctors. Uniquely, it uses artificial intelligence to increase the likelihood of finding the correct diagnosis and therapy.

Four panels child with breathing mask
Four panels of doctors discuss
Four panels Dr. Poetsch checks the X-ray image
Four Panels can save lives

Your knowledge is needed!

Those who commit themselves to medicine are thus opting for lifelong learning. You can register now for free on Four Panels.
Why should you be part of it?

  • Fast second opinion for diagnosis & therapy
  • Efficient data exchange and highest security standards
  • Optimal decision making based on AI-driven feedback
  • With your expert knowledge, you contribute to patients receiving the best possible treatment.
Your knowledge is needed

Developed from everyday clinical practice

As a radiologist, I was once again faced with a difficult medical question. I had no time to waste and there were hardly any opportunities to exchange ideas with colleagues. A good reason to develop a platform by doctors for doctors.
Dr. Andreas Pötsch

Explanatory video how does the Four Panels app work

Efficient features for daily work

Second Opinion

Second opinion

Second opinions on medical issues

Digital events


Boards, trainings and
live events

Secure data exchange

data exchange

End-to-end encryption
for sensitive data

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